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2015 Carnival Theme


The theme of Cape Town Carnival 2015 is ELEMENTAL!


The dynamic combination of energies,

the convergence of people, talents, resources and ideas,

that make Cape Town, Carnival and South Africa amazing:

this is ELEMENTAL.


ELEMENTAL can be seen as distinct and powerful forces, shaping each other: Earth, Water, Fire & Air.  Our relationship to earth/land, water, air & fire is at the heart of our theme for Carnival 2015.

Shine bright, dive into the sea, take to the skies and come back to earth. Embodying rhythm, flow, energy and possibility. Celebrating our interconnectedness, our relationship to each other and our environment.

We’ll explore the possibilities of a living float, as well as re-using, recycling, & re-imagining, to reflect & embody an earth-centric message about our interdependence.

 Fundamental, primary, essential. What does ELEMENTAL mean to you?



The ground beneath us, our foundation, home, security, the planet, rich in life. Provider & sustainer. Ancient memory & new growth.


Ocean, emotion, ebb & flow, liquid, adaptability. Mystery, what lies beneath. Tides & currents. Most of our bodies.


Energy, combustion, danger & protection, attraction, heat, the sun. light, solar energy. Destruction & rebirth.


Vital, invisible, ephemeral, imagination, intellect, communication, technology, possibility.


In a land in touch with its resources, people are sustained by their connection to each other, to land & sea, forestry & fishery, sun & sky, solar & wind.

The health & survival of our communities rests on the land that provides for us and is home to us, our capacity to feed ourselves from field, urban garden and sea. To breathe the air. Collect & protect water. To find our place in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the 2014 Cape Town Carnival parade take place?

It is held on the Fanwalk in Greenpoint , Cape Town – an area that has become synonymous with big street parties. The street is flanked by hotels, restaurants, bars and is a stone’s throw from the popular V&A Waterfront.  

How much does it cost?

Free. Gratis. Mahala. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the Cape Town Carnival is a completely FREE community event.

Is it just a parade?

No way! There’s absolutely loads of awesome things to do. From 3pm in the afternoon the FanWalk will turn into a pedestrian walkway filled with food vendors, stalls and festive hospitality areas. Enjoy a bite to eat while you watch the colourful crowds go by. The Carnival parade begins at 7:30 pm and lasts approximately 2 hours. Expect to dazzling large scale floats accompanied by over 2 000 elaborately costumed dancers, musicians and performers. We round off the night with a bang as South African supergroup MiCasa and the legendary DJ Fresh host a party at the parade end point.

What should I wear?

a. Comfy walking shoes – the FanWalk is 1 km long and there will be lots of things you’ll want to explore.

b. A fantastical Carnival mask – the Carnival is an invitation to create and participate! We’d love to see you in the wildest and wackiest mask/outfit that you can imagine.

Can food and drinks be purchased at Carnival?

Yes, the FanWalk is lined with bars, restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets. You can also support the local food vendors that will have stands along the parade route.

Can I buy/consume alcohol on the FanWalk?

You are welcome to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in one of the many bars along the FanWalk or in one of the access-controlled liquor vending areas. No alcohol may be consumed in public areas and the SAPS, CCID and security personnel will be on hand to ensure that this is enforced.

What is the best way to come into the city?

Details of the buses and trains running on Carnival Day will be confirmed closer to the time and posted up here and elsewhere on the website.